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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Closets in Hillsborough, NC

Does rummaging through overflowing clothes leave you feeling more frazzled than fabulous?  Are your mornings a battle against mismatched socks and tangled jewelry?

Here at Carolina Closets Plus, we get it—life gets busy, and keeping everything in order can feel like a never-ending battle. We help folks just like you with crafting spaces that not only look amazing but work efficiently for their lifestyle.

Join us as we unpack all the juicy details on customizing your very own closet oasis!

What Are Custom Closets?

In simple terms, they are your personalized storage solutions meticulously designed to fit your space and meet your needs. And unlike one-size-fits-all options, these beauties are all about YOU. YOUR style, YOUR items, and YOUR unique lifestyle. Ultimately, the secret ingredient to a clutter-free, beautifully organized home!

Types of Custom Closets

Custom Walk-In Closets

The crème de la crème!

Spacious and elegant, custom walk-in closets are tailored to house everything from your expansive shoe collection to your evening wear. Imagine stepping into soft, ambient lighting casting a glow over your meticulously organized accessories, with plush carpeting underfoot as you choose your outfit for the day, and every item has its rightful place.

You’ll feel like you’re shopping in your personal boutique every day!

Carolina Closets Plus

These masterpieces are built with only the finest materials—solid wood/plywood or melamine in solid colors or real life melamine wood grains, elegant glass, and smooth metals—each selected to harmonize with your home’s unique aesthetic!

Plus, they are more than mere storage solutions–they are truly art pieces designed to elevate your space. With intricate carvings, hand-painted finishes, and custom hardware, these capture the essence of your personal style while adding that undeniable touch of sophistication to your home.

A perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty in details and crave a space that's distinctly theirs.

Small Custom Closets

Also known as reach-in closets–don’t let their smaller size fool you!

They can be just as stylish and efficient as their walk-in counterparts. With clever design elements like pull-out shelves, double hanging rods, and useful built-in drawers, they maximize every inch of space for a functional yet beautiful closet.

Mirrored doors can also make your space feel larger, while custom lighting ensures you’ll find what you need quickly. Perfect for cozy urban apartments or older homes with unique layouts.

Why Custom Closets

Maximized Space

Think about the corner in your closet that's currently home to nothing but dust bunnies. Or the high shelf that’s just out of reach, rendering it practically useless.

Well, custom closets are designed to adapt to your space, not the other way around. They take every nook, cranny, and awkward corner into account, ensuring you get the most out of every square inch. Drawers glide smoothly to reveal your collection of scarves, vertical shelves make your shoes easily accessible, and adjustable rods accommodate seasonal changes in your wardrobe.

Enhanced Home Value

Potential buyers walk through your home and open a closet door to find a beautifully organized, elegantly designed space. It's not just a closet–it's a statement. This level of attention to detail signals care and quality, two factors that can significantly boost your home's appeal and market value.

Whether it's a lavish walk-in closet in the master bedroom or smart, space-saving solutions in secondary rooms, they add a layer of sophistication and functionality that buyers truly love!

Personalized Organization

They're designed with you in mind, from the height of the shelves to the style of the hangers.

Love to accessorize? Integrate special compartments for all your jewelry and sunglasses.

Have an impressive collection of sports gear? Include specialized racks and bins.

It's about creating a system where everything has its place, tailored to the way you live. This means not just easier mornings but also a more enjoyable experience getting ready for the day or winding down at night.

Plus, with a spot for everything, maintaining that picture-perfect order becomes second nature!

How Much Do Custom Closets Cost?

They can range from a few thousand dollars for basic configurations to $50,000 or more for a luxurious walk-in with high-end finishes and accessories.

Size and Complexity: The larger and more complex the design (think islands, intricate shelving), the higher the cost–this is significantly based on dimensions and design features.

Materials and Finishes: Your choice of materials—from luxe hardwoods to modern life like melamine—impacts your bottom line. High-end materials like solid wood or custom finishes can drive up costs.

Customization Level: The more customized it is, the higher the price. Like, specialty racks, built-in safes, and such design elements are luxurious but of course, add to the cost.

Installation Challenges: This can vary depending on the difficulty. So if your space requires structural changes or some extensive electrical work for lighting, expect to pay more.

Professional Design Fees: Working with a professional custom closet designer can add to your project's cost but also ensures a cohesive, functional design tailored to your needs. Still a win-win for you!

Design Considerations for Your Custom Closets

To help you  make the most of your investment, here are a few design tips to keep in mind:

Maximize Vertical Space

Look up, way up! That's right! The trick is to think beyond the standard hanging rod and shelf combo. Incorporate high-up storage for lesser-used items and easily adjustable solutions for everything else. Alternatively, add a center island for extra storage!

Functionality Meets Style

Start by taking stock of what you’ll be storing. Once you know what you need, infuse it with your personal style. Choose materials and finishes that resonate with your aesthetic—be it the warm elegance of wood, the sleek allure of metal, or the pristine simplicity of glass.


Opt for bright, energy-efficient lighting options that make colors pop and textures stand out. Also, consider adding LED strips along your shelves or rods for an even, shadow-free glow, or a statement chandelier for a touch of glamor. Smart lighting that turns on when you open a door or drawer can add a layer of convenience and luxury, too!


It should be a place where everything is at your fingertips–literally. So plan for easy access to your most-used items by positioning them front and center.

Pull-down rods can also bring high-hanging clothes down to arm's reach, while adjustable shelving allows you to reconfigure your space as your wardrobe evolves. Drawers at reachable heights and open shelves for frequently worn shoes ensure that getting ready is as smooth as it is enjoyable.

And for those treasured items you want to keep extra safe, consider integrated safes or those hidden compartments that blend seamlessly into your design.

Simple Tips to Keep Your Closet Looking Its Best

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Dust Regularly: At least once a week, take a few minutes to dust your shelves, rods, and other surfaces. You can also use a microfiber cloth to capture dust efficiently without spreading it around.

Vacuum the Floor: Don’t forget the closet floor! Yes, a quick vacuum can pick up dust and small debris that accumulates over time, keeping the area clean and allergen-free.

Air It Out: Every once in a while, open any doors or windows near your closet to let fresh air circulate, preventing those musty odors from setting in.

Spill Management

  • Immediate Action: Quickly blot up any liquids with a clean, dry cloth. The faster you address this, the less likely they are to leave a stain.

  • Use Gentle Cleaners: For tougher spots, you can use a mild cleaning solution that’s safe for the surface you’re treating. Always test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t cause damage.

  • Protective Measures: Consider lining shelves with easy-to-clean liners and placing mats under items that are prone to leaking or spilling.

Organizational Updates

  • Declutter Regularly: Every few months, take the time to assess what you have. You can donate or sell items you no longer use or love to keep them from becoming overcrowded.

  • Invest in Quality Organizers: Use your drawer dividers, shelf organizers, and sturdy hangers to keep items neatly stored and easily accessible. They make a big difference in maintaining order.

Choosing the Best Custom Closets North Carolina Company


Look for companies with a solid track record in both designing and installing here in North Carolina. This will ensure they have the expertise and knowledge to create a functional, beautiful space for you!


Review their past projects to ensure their style aligns with your vision. They should have a diverse catalog showcasing their versatility and creativity, too.  Choose a company that displays photos of their own work in their portfolio.


Customer testimonials can provide insight into their reliability, craftsmanship, and customer service. So look for a high satisfaction rate and positive feedback as well.


From the initial consultation to the final installation, they should exhibit professionalism in all aspects of their service, such as communication, punctuality, and cleanliness.

The Carolina Closets Plus' Custom Closet Designers Process

In-Home Consultation

Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with one of our design consultants.

All of our designers have years of experience in custom storage design, so feel free to tap into their experience for design advice and tips to help your storage solution coordinate with the rest of your home!

We will measure your space, talk with you about your storage needs, and show you the range of finish options available. Most appointments last 30-60 minutes.

Email Presentation

Saving you time, our designers will work behind the scenes to create a 3D presentation and price quote for your consideration.

All we need to get started are the dimensions of your space or a simple floor plan; and some information about what you are looking to store. We will send your proposal via email so you can review it on your own time, with no pressure.

Transform Your Space Today

Don’t just dream about the perfect closet—make it a reality! With Carolina Closets Plus, it is more than just a home improvement–it's a lifestyle upgrade.

Our passion for design, matched with unparalleled expertise in maximizing space and functionality, makes us your go-to choice here in Hillsborough, NC.

Enjoy the beauty and benefits of a custom closet designed just for you. The time is now!

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