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Our Mission

Our Goal Is Detail Perfection

We strive to give you detail perfection like you would see in any piece of fine furniture.

You can email us or call us at (919) 244-2109

You get 3D detailed drawings and no surprises.

We use the finest materials

  • Our drawer boxes are solid wood with concealed undermount slides that give you a much smoother operation and more room inside the drawer.   This is a standard feature that is an upgrade from everyone else.

  • We offer a real wood option using a domestic ¾” clear finish maple plywood.   

  • Our materials are full thickness 3/4″ furniture grade melamine that is thermofused to the surface . It will never chip. The finish is pressed or melted on so it will never chip or peel under normal use.  We actually use a custom type material that has 3 different layers to ensure the smoothest cut available.  It has an industrial type core that you can’t buy on the retail market.  Since we manufacture all of our parts at our shop, our quality control is extremely good.  In fact, we are truly local.  All of our products are manufactured right here in NC and we produce the parts locally in our shop with local craftsman.  

  • We offer more colors than anyone in the triangle.  Color Selection

  • We double screw all drawer fronts to prevent movement.

shutterstock_696855190 (1).jpg

The most detail perfect installation

  • We provide Professional Installation using our own employees.  NO subcontractors are ever used.

  • Our installers are easy to communicate with and always courteous

  • Most installations are completed in one day.

The Carolina Closets Plus warranty

The warranty from Carolina Closets Plus is very simple.  Everything is warranted for as long as you think it should be.  We will always gladly repair or replace any defective part forever for the original owner as long as it has been used for what it was intended for. For example, if a shelf fails because too much weight has been put on it, that wouldn’t be covered. We work with you to determine if something is or isn’t covered. In the past 30 years, we’ve only had to repair a handful of pieces that we didn’t feel like should have failed.  This is about as worry free as it gets 

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