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Expert Tips for Designing Your Dream Closet

Stylish Custom Walk In Closet

Ever stood in front of your closet and wished it could be a bit more… you?

Well, we hear you loud and clear!

Here at Carolina Closets Plus, we've been helping homeowners design dream closets since 1985. And we're here to tell you, it's not magic – it's about smart design and clever tricks! We'll show you how to utilize every inch of space, choose the perfect storage solutions, and even create a boutique-worthy feel!

Understanding Your Space and Needs

First things first, let's talk about the canvas you have to work with.

Measure Twice, Design Once

Have you ever heard the adage, "Measure twice, cut once"?

Well, knowing the exact dimensions of your space is non-negotiable. It’s the foundation upon which your entire design will rest. With precise measurements in hand, you can truly maximize every inch, ensuring not even a single square foot goes to waste.

It's like having a roadmap to your dream closet—every decision, from shelving heights to drawer depths, becomes clearer.

Storage Needs

Do you have a mountain of shoes? An army of dresses? Or perhaps a fleet of suits? Whatever your collection, your design should cater to your unique wardrobe.

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of customization.

Do you need racks that display all your shoes like works of art? Would you benefit from drawers designed specifically for your favorite jewelry, complete with that velvet lining? Or maybe you're looking for ways to store your bulky winter coats without squishing them into oblivion.

Whatever your storage needs, the goal here is to create a space where every item has a home—a place where your clothes are not just stored–but displayed, celebrated, and easily accessible.

Choosing Your Aesthetic For Your Dream Closet Design

Your closet should be a reflection of you!

Material Matters

From luxe woods to modern metals, make sure to select materials that truly vibe with your style.

Imagine stepping into a space where the rich, deep tones of mahogany shelves offer a classic, timeless appeal–where your outfit feels like an event. Or picture the cool, minimalist elegance of brushed aluminum or steel, creating that boutique-like style.

But it's not just about looks. Think about the tactile experience—how does it feel to slide open a drawer? The material you choose can add that sensual dimension to your everyday routine!

Finish With Flair

Believe it or not, the finishes can dramatically alter your storage's overall impact. It's where your style can truly shine through with subtle sophistication or bold bravado.

Whether you're drawn to the understated elegance of matte, the sleek sheen of glossy, or perhaps the rich texture of artisanal finishes, each choice crafts a different mood and atmosphere in your space.

Envision the high-drama and depth of a beautiful finish that reflects light, adding that layer of glamor and luxury to your space that says, 'This is no ordinary closet.'

Closet Design Ideas with Smart Storage Solutions

Now, for the fun part—making it all fit beautifully!

Custom Closet Ideas That Work

  • Vertical Storage: By building up, you create more floor space and make use of often overlooked areas. Tall shelving units, hanging rods stacked one above another, and over-the-door organizers turn every inch into usable space, making your closet feel bigger than its actual physical dimensions.

  • Pull-Out Baskets: Hidden behind sleek fronts, they slide out to reveal your items in an organized display. Perfect for storing everything from your scarves and socks to workout gear, too! These baskets keep your items concealed but readily accessible.

  • Adjustable Shelving: As your wardrobe evolves, so can your storage solutions. Host a towering boot collection in the winter? No problem! Need more space for summer hats? Easily done! They adapt to your needs, ensuring your closet remains as dynamic as your lifestyle.

Accessorize Wisely

  • Drawer Dividers: Wave goodbye to drawer chaos and say hello to segmented space and organized compartments. Whether it’s separating your lingerie from socks or categorizing your accessories, they ensure that finding the right item is as simple as opening your drawer.

  • Jewelry Organizers: They not only prevent tangles and damage but also turn your jewelry collection into a display worthy of admiration. From velvet-lined drawers (with compartments) to hanging ones that showcase each piece, these make selecting the perfect ice a breeze!

  • Built-In Laundry Hampers: Keeping your space tidy without sacrificing style. Concealed within cabinetry or tucked into a corner, these collect your clothing until laundry day, maintaining the pristine appearance of your sanctuary.

The Walk-In Closet Wonderland

Functional and Stylish Walk In Closet

Carolina Closets Plus

Island Dreams

If you're graced with the gift of space, incorporating a center island into your walk-in closet transforms it from a mere storage area to an interactive, multifunctional hub.

Envision this: a beautifully crafted island, perhaps with sleek marble atop, standing proudly at the center. Below the surface, drawers meticulously organize your precious items. Above, a generous expanse awaits, ready for you to spread out clothes as you plan outfits, fold laundry fresh from the dryer, or even pack for a trip.

An emblem of luxury and thoughtful design!

Light It Up

Good lighting does more than just brighten a room; it creates ambiance, enhances mood, and, most importantly, ensures that the true colors of your wardrobe shine through!

Begin with overhead lighting that casts a soft, even glow, ensuring no shadowy corner remains unseen. Next, introduce task lighting—focused, directional lights that illuminate specific areas, like the island or inside drawers, making them crystal clear.

And don’t forget the accent lighting–LED strips gracefully outlining shelves or elegantly spotlighting your most cherished pieces, turning them into art installations!

Kids Closet

Custom Closet for Kids

Carolina Closets Plus

Designing a closet for the littles?

Adjustable Systems

Kids, those unpredictable little beings, have a funny habit of growing–both in size and in taste!

One day, they're all about superheroes and princesses; the next, it's all about sports or outer space. And just like their interests, their clothes and storage needs change too. That's where adjustable systems come into play (pun intended).

Adjustable rods that lower or rise with just a swift motion, making it a cinch for them to hang up their jackets or reach for their favorite outfit. Shelves that move up or down, accommodating everything from their growing collection of books to trophies and toys.

Let them take charge of their space, learn organization skills, and yes, maybe even keep their rooms a tad tidier.

Fun Meets Functional

Closets for kids are the perfect canvas to splash with vibrancy and whimsy. We’re talking bright colors that spark joy and imagination—shelves in their favorite hues, drawers that look like they’ve been dipped in the rainbow, and also rods in playful shapes!

But why stop at colors?

Hardware can be a treasure trove of fun, with knobs and pulls shaped like animals, stars, or whatever floats their boat. It turns opening a drawer or closet door from a mundane task into a tiny adventure. And for that extra layer of magic, how about adding some glow-in-the-dark elements or lights that come on with a clap?

The goal here is to weave in elements of play—a closet that smiles back at them, making clean-up time less of a chore and more of a delightful part of their day.

The Custom Home Office Closet

Functional Custom Home Office Closet

With more folks working from home, why not create a dual-purpose space?

Desk Duty

Carving out your command center—yes, your desk. And this isn’t just any desk we’re talking about. It's a sturdy, stylish masterpiece that says, “I mean business,” while also whispering, “but I’m also incredibly chic.”

Picture a spacious desk surface made from solid walnut, roomy enough not just for your computer, but for spreading out documents, housing your favorite coffee mug, and even those little trinkets that spark joy throughout your workday.

But here’s the kicker: ample legroom. Because nobody wants to play footsie with file cabinets or tangled cords. So opt for one that effectively invites you to stretch out, adopt a power pose, or even cross your legs during those deep-thought moments.

Tech Tidiness

Your goal here is to integrate cord management systems that make those spaghetti junctions a thing of the past. Think sleek, hidden channels and clips that guide your cables discreetly, keeping them accessible–but out of sight!

You can also have built-in charging stations waiting to serve—no more fumbling for chargers or usurping the nearest outlet. These hubs are strategically placed, ensuring your devices are always powered up and also ready to go without cluttering your home office’s workspace.

Design A Closet With Carolina Closets Plus

You have 2 easy ways to get a FREE quote and 3D drawings from us.

In-Home Consultation

Schedule an in-home consultation with one of our design consultants. We will produce lifelike renderings along with pricing. We will measure your space, talk with you about your storage needs, and show you the range of finish options available.

Most appointments last 30-60 minutes.

Email Presentation

Saving you time and money, our designers will work behind the scenes to create a 3D presentation and price quote for your consideration. All we need to get started are the dimensions of your space or a simple floor plan; and some information about what you are looking to store. We will send your proposal via email so you can review it on your own time, with no pressure.

There is no charge for this.

Build a Custom Closet With Us

Feeling inspired? Eager to transform that cluttered corner or underwhelming walk-in into a personalized paradise? We thought you might be!

Remember, creating a space that feels authentically you isn’t just about following the latest trends; it’s about crafting an environment that brings joy, order, and a sense of peace into your everyday life.

Don't wait any longer. Contact Us Today!

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