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DIY Closet Projects

For Do It Yourself weekend closet projects to convert a small closet or pantry into a state of the art organized space.


“How to” discussions with Mike Hoffer, owner; largest closet “options” display in NC; free computer aided design, custom cut to your specification, premium hardware,a step by step installation video, on call support. Hundreds of accessories options. See your closet design become a reality

Huge savings by using our DIY closet program to convert any area of your house into a state of the art organized space.


  • “How to” discussions with Mike Hoffer, owner; 

  • free computer aided design, 

  • parts custom cut to your specification, 

  • step by step installation video, 

  • on call support. 

  • Hundreds of accessories options. 


Let’s Get Started

Follow the steps below:

  1. Draw out your space including ceiling height, wall measurements, switch and outlet locations.  Include a possible layout that you would like, if you know what you would like.  

  2. Send pictures of your current closet if you like.

  3. Once the drawings are finalized, and payment is made, we will send you a link to our professional videos for you to review prior to receiving your order. 

  4. Your order is typically ready within 8 days of placing the order.  Changes are possible at any point before the order is manufactured.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Linear feet of short hang (his and hers separate)

  2. Linear feet of true long hang for long dresses

  3. Do you hang pants long or folded over?  If long, how many feet

  4. Would you like a set of drawers for his and her, if any?

  5. Would you like a jewelry drawer?

  6. Number pair of shoes for his/her

  7. Send the information to Mike Hoffer  You will receive a confirmation the same day.

Testimonial | Will Devlin 2017

We were renovating our master closet and were looking for something more classy and finished than the rubbermaid wire hanger system we had before. We went to the Carolina Closets show room and liked what we saw.

Mike came out himself and measured our closet, taking note of things like baseboard height and taking exact dimensions. He created a great design for us and gave us print-out copies, which we were able to thing about and make slight adjustments to and add accessories to get exactly what we wanted from the closet system. The online gallery was helpful to see the range of different accessories available. I have some experience mounting kitchen and bathroom cabinetry so I elected to ‘DIY’ myself in order to save some money on the install.

Got a call everything was ready and it was all neatly organized and clearly labeled on a pallet that was loaded directly into the back of my pickup at their warehouse. The pieces were all labeled in easily-erasable magic marker which made figuring out what went where a lot easier than a typical closet install. The rail system that they closet system hangs on was also intuitive and the mounting hardware made for easy adjustment with a screwdriver to make sure everything was level. Parts were numbered and corresponded to the illustrations and detailed diagram that we were provided with the parts so I had few questions.

When a question about how to mount the pull out hamper came up Mike was available to call directly and immediately put me in touch with one of his techs who walked me through exactly what I needed to do over the phone. I also damaged a shelf while installing it and Mike made a call to have a replacement made and ready for pickup the next day.

We were very impressed with the quality of the unit as its all solid as a rock, good looking, and no space is wasted. I would say anyone with a very basic knowledge of putting together furniture or who owns a basic tool kit could put this together, as they include all the hardware and their own toolbox with extras of every part. The only tools I used were a phillips screwdriver, a drill, level, stud finder, and mallet. I would say it’s helpful to have an extra set of hands for a few steps as you’re assembling any large pieces, but I was able to do it all myself. – Will Devlin 2017


Carolina Closets Plus has designed, manufactured and installed over 6000 closets. Save money by doing it yourself.

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