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Carolina Closets Plus on HGTV "Love It or List it"

Carolina Closets Plus is the exclusive home storage design & installation team for HGTV's "Love It or List It" in central NC.

Episode 131 Kelly & Eric


This was a Cary project.

This project was done with a contemporary white finish using shaker drawers and satin nickel tee pulls. It was unique because of the odd wall sizes making it difficult to have a separate his and her section. We decided to concentrate his hanging section in the nook on the right side of the closet near the pocket doors. We gave them each a drawer unit with dedicated shoe storage above. We also incorporated our unique sweater storage unit into the design. There was just enough wall space on the corner near the front of the closet to do this. We were able to use every square inch without making the closet looke cluttered. I think we accomplished our goal of putting a smile on Kelly and Eric’s faces every time they walk into their closet. See your design become a reality

Episode 132 Jamie & Greg


The purpose of this room was to provide an office and bedroom in a very compact space. The room was 8 ½’ wide by 10’ long. There was no room for a conventional bed. We solved this problem by using a horizontal version of a murphy bed with storage cabinets above. This allowed us to install a small office unit on the opposite wall. This was a perfect use of space because Greg is able to see out the window while working at the desk. Because of our ability to manufacture everything we install, we were able to custom fit the desk perfectly so it was accessible even with the bed in the down position.. See your design become a reality

Episode 134 Gary & Lauren


We designed a beautiful office number for Gary and Lauren for the Love It or List It episode. Before they had an old desk and some shelving installed in the corner. We installed a beautiful contemporary expresso finish custom fitted desk along the wall with upper cabinets. We even incorporated a bookshelf against the far wall to maximize the space usage. At Carolina Closets Plus we pride ourselves on being able to utilize every inch of a space. As you can see from this episode, even the smallest areas can be transformed into fully organized spaces.

Episode 135 Marci & Matt


This episode was the most unique of the season. We took a section under a roof line and turned it into a completely functional his and her closet. This involved custom designed hanging and drawer units. The purpose of the design was to make it look like it was part of the wall that was recessed into the roof line. We used a contemporary folkstone gray melamine with square slab drawers and satin nickel tee pulls. This house was built in the 1920’s and this room had no closet. After we finished, this room became part of the upstairs master suite. This project was a true depiction of the Carolina Closets Plus statement, “If you can imagine it, we can make it”.

Episode 145 Nathan & Anne


This was a great project because it presented us with some unique challenges. We had three separate small closets to work with and had to create specific uses for each closet. One of them was a small walk in that was more traditional with hanging and drawers. The other two were a part of the master bathroom suite. We were able to create drawer space in each of the two reach in closets as well as dedicated shoe storage. We installed a modern square front drawer design in white with satin nickel accents to match the bathroom fixtures. Since we incorporated drawers for each space, we achieved maximum flexibility in each closet.

Episode 147 Tyler & Kim


Episode 148 Sarah & Ryan



Episode 149 Lola & Lashawn


Episode 151 Valerie & Sam


Episode 153 Amanda & Grif


Episode 155 Anna Wade & Andrew


Episode 159 Alan & Stew


Episode 157 Ryan & Emily


Episode 158 Don & Quincy


Episode 163 Stephanie & Johnathan


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